Järvevana road


Construction works of pump station and pipe network were carried out in Tallinn. Ground water level was rather high in the object site and it was difficult to carry out construction works. UPRENT installed wellpoint filters around the parameter of the pump station, therefore stopping the inflow of the ground water.

Laki 36, Tallinn


In order to start construction of the house, the ground water lowering was needed for instalation of drainage system. UPRENT used economical BBA PT 150 diesel pump, installed welpoint filters next to sheet piles and ensured the ground water lowering to the required depth for the instalation of drainage system.

Sipelga 3, Tallinn


While building underground parking lot for department store, high level of groundwater was discovered by construction team after few meters of excavation. Therefore client requested a groundwater lowering in order to continue construction works. UPRENT provided the groundwater dewatering with wellpoint filters to ensure dry surface so construction works could continue.

Construction site dewatering, Kloostrimetsa street


UPRENT installed wellpoint dewatering systems in order to lower the groundwater level. Construction works without the dewatering turned out to be impossible, because the high groundwater level at this region. Our wellpoint system resolved this situation in short time and without problems.

Construction site dewatering


In Pirita, new apartment houses are being built. The soil there is weathered sandstone. In this specific object, the best solution was to use drilling method. UPRENT installed two wellpoint filters inside one hole and then filled the hole with sand. Holes were drilled with the distance of 3-5 meters from each other. We used two BBA PT150 pumps with electric engines. The object will be finished in the year 2016.

Dewatering medival ship wreck excavation site


Our client, started to build a real estate property and in construction process medieval Viking ships were found. At the beginning only one and in ongoing process the second ship wreckage was also found. In order to excavate wreckage safely, company needed a dry surface to build a safety frame around the ships. UPRENT installed pumps and a ground dewatering system to make wreckage excavation possible.

High capacity pumps on stand-by mode for emergency situations


By the client’s request, UPRENT arranged fast delivery of high capacity pumps - PIONEER 200 SL (2 pcs), PIONEER 300 SM, HIDROSTAL H12K, XFP301M, and accessories. Pumps are on stand-by mode, and they are used for emergency situations only.

Rescue works of ferry


UPRENT helped client to remove an excessive amount of water from a ferry which almost fully sunk when it was released in the water. UPRENT provided and set up 7 pumps (BBA BA 150 (3 pcs), VARISCO ECOMATIC 6“ (4 pcs) to pump out the water and bring the ferry back in floating state.

Dewatering ground for concrete works


Upon customer request and project specifications UPRENT provided a commercial building construction site with BBA PT 90 pump and wellpoint filters for ground dewatering, thereby stoppingthe water flow on the required section of the construction site, so the company was able to build a drainage system for the project.