21 Oct 2016

Pumping station installation

UPRENT installed wellpoint dewatering system and piston pump for groundwater level lovering to ensure safe and dry working conditions for pumping station installation.

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23 Sep 2016

Pumping stormwater

Delivered high capacity pumps ensured efficient stormwater bypass.

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28 Jul 2016

Wellpoint dewatering at Maakri block

In order to build foundation posts, constructor had to keep the trench dry. Although some layers of clay ware present, wellpoints filters worked remarkable.

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30 Jun 2016

Horizontal drainage

This solution is good alternative for wellpoint dewatering in situations when soil has high clay concentration, or otherwise has low filtration characteristics.

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29 Jun 2016

Quarry dewatering

UPRENT performed drainage of limestone quarry to make it plausible to use excavators and other machinery to expand  the it, both in depth and width.

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27 Jun 2016

Trench shoring system installation

In order to secure excavation pit from all four sides, UPRENT installed Chamber type shorings, that were installed quick and easy and ensured safe work environment.

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17 Jun 2016

Pipeline construction

Wellpoint dewatering during the pipeline construction.

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17 May 2016

Construction site dewatering

During the construction of two apartment houses, UPRENT installed piston pumps and wellpoint dewatering system to lower groundwater for both trenches. The lenght of the whole line was over 250 meters

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01 Feb 2016


Extra pumps ware delivered to dewatering site due to the low altitude of the site and excessive amounts of rainwater.

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